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Capitol Distance Learning Programs are so confident that you will receive the best service and highest quality products in the online non-traditional diploma industry that we have introduced a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee for the programs, materials and service.
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“Wow! Thanks to CNDLP I am currently working in one of the best Hospitals in N.Y. and taking nursing at a local private college. Thank you for making this possible for me.”
Melvin B.

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Get your High School Diploma Online

Your knowledge and skills have taken a lifetime to develop, so we make documenting them fast and simple.
Complete the enrollment application and enter details about your life experience to complete our program.

Most students receive their Diploma and completion certificates in fewer than 5 days.
Do not hesitate…the test is free and confidential. Payment is easy and convenient.

Worried about acceptance?
Get into college or your money back!

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Get Your GED Rebate
Completed Graduates of Capitol's Diploma Program
can get a full rebate of your GED testing fees.
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Stafford High School is proud to offer students a flexible high school program that is tailored to meet the demands of
a busy schedule. With this innovative high school diploma online free program, more students can now earn a
diploma in their free time!

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By participating in this program you agree to following terms: I fully understand that the program does not convey the means nor is intended to be used to fulfill any state or federal requirements for attending high school or other educational requirement nor equivalent to a high school education. I fully understand that, at the discretion of the institution I may be admitted to college or accepted for employment by taking additional testing including by illustration, not limitation, ability to benefit tests administered by the institution requiring them. Furthermore, I fully understand that the Graduation Package is not an accredited high school course or a replacement for a traditional high school diploma and is not equivalent to a high school education or diploma. I understand that the program offered will not give me the right to represent myself as a graduate of a traditional high school, an accredited high school program or the holder of an accredited degree and I am participating in the program for the sole purpose of self improvement.

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